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Also on their first '84 album (original on the 1st version cover)..


When you've started a revolution, what's left to do? Start another one. The seminal progressive metal stalwarts FATES WARNING, virtually created the genre back in 1984, by combining elements of pure metal, classically inspired crescendos and interludes with jazz fusion like chops. Now with the release of the bands 9th studio album, "Disconnected", they have reinvented themselves - yet again. Having spent most of 1999 on opposite ends of the country pursuing other creative endeavors, FATES' regrouped at Carriage House Studios in rural Connecticut in January 2000. Each member had just come off creatively satisfying musical endeavors, breathing new life into a chemistry that has inspired fans, critics and musicians alike. Founding member, guitarist and main songwriter Jim Matheos had released "Away With Words", a fusion project inspired by the likes of Shadowfax and Montreux, while vocalist Ray Alder tackled ENGINE, a heavier straight forward approach that included bassist Joey Vera and one time FATES' touring guitarist Bernie Versailles. Ray sees his time in Engine as an asset to FATES WARNING, "(Engine) broadened my horizons with the way I sing. I realized there were other ways to use my voice." Opting for a much heavier sound that is reminiscent of group's seminal fifth album "No Exit", "Disconnected" will not surprise the staunchest FATES" fan but may be a curveball to others. When you listen to the band's body of work every album is one completely different aural experience from the next. "Disconnected" is yet another chapter in a highly prolific career. Matheos explains the albums' impetus simply, "We just keep trying todo different things to keep our fans and ourselves interested." Having just come off the critical success of his side project ENGINE, Ray entered the recording process with a different frame of mind. He sees the album as a welcome return to the band's earlier style "A lot of people wanted us to be heavier. People would always ask us if we were going to make a heavy album". Helping the band create the vision in the studio, Matheos again enlistedthe assistance of former Dream Theater keyboardist Kevin Moore, and FATES hired gun bassist Joey Vera who will once again join the band on any live outings.