Vintersorg - Biography





The project started as a full line-up band, named Vargatron(Wolfthrone), back in '94 with the intention to take black metal into new dimensions. The goal was to blend in clean vocals, acoustic guitars and heavy riffings.

After several line-up changes the whole thing was put to rest in '96. The vocalist and guitarplayer, Vintersorg, decided to continue by himself, playing the other instruments as well.

The Mcd "Hedniskhjärtad", released in the summer of '98, was the result. And later that year a full length album "Till Fjälls" saw daylight. Vintersorg's passion for folk music was quite obvious and got even more exposed on the "Ödemarkens Son" album, which was released in '99.

For the release of "Cosmic Genesis", Vintersorg wanted to explore new grounds to continue his journey. A more progressive and gloomy atmosphere was approached, as well as a larger variety of vocal styles and arrangements, nevertheless still keeping the old essence. In those days, a second guitarist, Mattias Marklund, joined the band as a full member.

The new album "Visions from the spiral generator" has a more progressive aura and a deeper melodism, spanning over a vaster spectra, still a lot of metal attitude, but projected through a more sophisticated complexity without taking away the energy. Inspiration source is Cosmos. Masters like Asgeir Mickelson and Steve Di Giorgio were attracted to fulfill Vintersorg's artistic visions.