Sepsism - Biography



Sepsism was formed in Pacoima California, in September of 1990 by Drummer Phillip Hernandez, Vocalist Fernando Avila and Guitarist Jeff Sheldon. Soon after, the band began playing shows throughout California and quickly built a strong following and a reputation as one of the most brutal bands in Southern California. In 1992 SEPSISM recorded their first demo, giving the local scene a long awaited release and spreading the band's unique style throughout the worldwide underground. In 1993 after enlisting guitarist Leon Morrison, SEPSISM returned to the studio to record their second demo. Along with countless shows and underground press Sepsism was becoming one of the most well known California Deathmetal bands. In 1994 Sepsism again entered the studio to record their third demo, SEVERE CARNAL BUTCHERY. Soon the release of SEVERE CARNAL BUTCHERY helped Sepsism become well known all over the world. SEVERE CARNAL BUTCHERY became an instant cult classic. SEPSISM began touring and opening shows for many of Deathmetal's elite. In 1998 after a botched attempt of releasing a fourth demo through an independent label, SEPSISM secured a deal with REPULSE RECORDS and entered the studio to record their first full length CD entitled PURULENT DECOMPOSITION. In 1999 PURULENT DECOMPOSITION was released to rave reviews and secured SEPSISM's place in the scene. SEPSISM continued to tour despite continuing lineup changes. In 2000 SEPSISM embarked on their first European tour in support of the PURULENT DECOMPOSITION album. The month long tour through 15 countries further spread SEPSISM's name and help build a strong European fan base. Following the European tour SEPSISM began concentrating on securing a permanent bassist and writing for their follow up to PURULENT DECOMPOSITION. In 2002 due to overwhelming demand SEPSISM re-released the out of print SEVERE CARNAL BUTCHERY DEMO on CD, completely re-mastered and with new artwork and featuring bonus live tracks from the 2000 European tour. After The Demise of REPULSE REC., SEPSISM was picked up by FROM BEYOND PRODUCTIONS, a sub-label of DISPLEASED REC. and returned to the studio to record TO PREVAIL IN DISGUST. IN 2003 TO PREVAIL IN DISGUST was released to an eagerly awaiting audience and was revered as being the best SEPSISM release to date. In 2005 SEPSISM was Joined by bassist Lennis Robinson. With a solidified Lineup SEPSISM continued to tour and write new material.