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Septic Flesh released in September 1998 a new single: The Eldest Cosmonaut much more directed towards the Classical music. The success which will follow will give to the group the desire for creating a project in parallel: CHAOSTAR.

Chris Antoniou, student for a long time in the largest universities of music in England, is the initiator of this new formation centered on the mixture of the classical music and the experimental music.

All the type-setters of Septic Flesh take part in the development of the compositions but Chris reigns as a Master and orchestra with as much of brilliance of the musicians resulting from a Metal set than of a Classique set.

The result of this timeless confrontation will give rise to a music rich in seizing and destabilizing emotions. Natalie Rassoulis, a such divinity come from another time affixes its borrows with a growing talent which knows and will be able to always touch us with deepest of ourself.