System Shock - Biography

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Death and doom merchants, SYSTEM SHOCK were formed in Norrkfping, Sweden by guitarist Lukas Bergis. Lukas recruited a bunch of gifted musicians, including drummer George Kollias.

SYSTEM SHOCK soon started composing and rehearsing the material for their debut. During the early days of 2004, Dutch label Karmageddon Media who had listened to some material in demo state, contacted the band and made them an offer they couldn't refuse. SYSTEM SHOCK entered Tico Tico Studios in Finland and recorded the bands debut album entitled "Arctic Inside". The album was released later that year introducing the band to the scene and receiving many flattering reviews by prestigious magazines such as Terrorizer (UK) and Scream (NOR).

After the contract with Karmageddon Media expired, SYSTEM SHOCK signed to the legendary Mausoleum Records label and returned to Tico Tico Studios in 2006 to record their second album, ESCAPE. The story of the album is based on a science fiction concept about the crew on a broken-down spaceship, doomed never to return to earth.

Meanwhile Vagelis Baliousis replaced George Kollias (who quit the band to focus on recording and touring obligations with Nile). Today the complete SYSTEM SHOCK line-up consists of: Dimitris Loakimoglou - (Vocals), Lukas Bergis - (Guitars), Kim Gustavsson - (Bass), Stathis Cassios - (Keyboards), Vagelis Baliousis - (Drums).

On ESCAPE, SYSTEM SHOCK elevates the genre to new limits.