Oathean - Biography

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1993 : Korean metal band Oathean first formed as Odin, a death metal band with Min-Su Kim (vocals & bass), Do-su Kim (guitar), Sung-Hwan Song (guitar), and Lee Soo-Hyung (drums). (Min-su Kim is Do-su Kim's older brother)

1996 : The original Odin broke up in 1996. Do-su Kim joined Kalpa, the legendary Korean true black metal band whose ranks included drummer Namaah who later went on to form Sad Legend

1997 : Do-su Kim reformed Odin with a whole new line-up and took over the vocal duties. The name of the band was changed to Oathean to reflect the change in music style to a melodic black metal band with traditional Korean influences.

1998 : Oathean released their 1st album Eyes of Tremendous Sorrow on the now defunct Korean Indie label.

2001 : Oathean added a keyboardist (Hae-ryung Gu) and they released their 2nd album, Ten Days in Lachrymation on Jusin Productions. Jusin is the first and only extreme music label in Korea, established and run by Do-su Kim.

2002 : Participated in Busan International Rock Festival, on the same stage with Cannibal Corpse, Dimension Zero, Royal Hunt, Sinergy, Devin Townsend, and Kreator.

2003 : Oathean released a compilation album called The Last Deperate 10 Years as Ever as the band had played for 10 years so far.

2004 : Opened for Dark Tranquillity's first show in Korea in August and they released their 3rd album Fading Away into the Grave of Nothingness. Oathean toured Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, and Yokkaichi) right after releasing it.

2005 : Oathean toured Osaka, Nagoya, Yokkaichi in Japan. Having signed a deal with US label The End Records, Fading Away Into the Grave of Nothingness was released in North America by that label. Back in Korea, the 1st album was re-released together with a new EP of songs, As A Solitary Tree Against The Sky.

(from: http://www.myspace.com/oathean )