Soulgrind - Biography


Soulgrind is a melodic dark metal band from Finland playing very unique and intelligent metal. They were formed in 1992 and have released 7 albums.

Soulgrind has toured in Germany, Holland, Finland, Belgium, and France. They have done over 200 gigs and are hungry for more. They were in the studio in June 2006, releasing Pakana (Pagan in English) through Holy Records in February 2007. The band members seek inspiration from Finnish myths and beliefs, and are strongly influenced by Finnish poet Eino Leino. Their latest album The Tuoni Pathway was released in April 2010 via Plastichead, Holy Records and EMP in Europe.

Soulgrind is now stronger than ever and is ready for new challenges. The music is here, the word is here and it must be spread.

(Source: official website)