Catheter - Biography

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Catheter was originally vomited upon the earth in 1997 in the form of a crustcore band with metal influences as heard on the first demo tape Drinking With the Devil. A split LP/CD with Laughing Dog was released next which where Catheter started to mix elements of doom and grindcore. After the release a full scale east coast tour reinforced the seriousness of the band as well as helped them mark there spot as one of the worlds Grindcore elite. After the tour Catheter went back into te studio to record the INRI 7" for HeadFucker Records which started to draw an international appeal. Since then there have been many full scale tours of the U.S. Canada and Mexico, also making the leap over the pond to do 2 full scale European tour.

Preamble to Oblivion LP/CD on Six Weeks/SelfMadeGod was the first full length LP, Dimension 303 on 303 Records/Selfmadegod Records was the second full-length, and a slew of releases would follow.

Catheter has played and toured with many bands such as: Unholy Grave, Massgrave (CAN), Municipal Waste, Weedeater, Black Market Fetus, Entrails Massacre, Noisear, Wasteoid, Cephalic Carnage, Nunslaughter, Eyehategod, as well as took part in playing Maryland Death fest in both 2006 and 2009 and Just recently apeearances at Obscene Extreme and Play Fast Or Don't during a five-week European tour.