Svartsyn - Biography





The band was formed in 1991 as Chalice by Ornias and Tormentor on drums. Tormentor left the band early 1993. Ornias recorded 2 songs for a splitdemo with Draugens' Illska after that Ornias changed the name to Svartsyn in 1994. Surth joined the band and a 9 tracks where recorded but only 5 released as the demo A Night Created By The Shadows in 1995. Draugen (ex-Dark Funeral) teamed up with original founding member Ornias in 1996 and since then they are working smoothly together. In 1996 Svartsyn signed to Folter Records and released the The True Legend CD.

In May of the following year, a tour of 9 dates in Holland and Germany with Behemoth and Desaster was made. After the tour Surth was replaced by Kolgrim. In June 1997 SVARTSYN recorded the Tormentor 7" EP that later was released by Black Militia. In September 1997 and October 1998 Svartsyn recorded their 2nd album entitled Bloodline at Sunlight Studios, which was released as a limited Double-LP by End All Life Productions. In February 2000, Svartsyn recorded their 3rd album ...His Majesty at Voisin Studios and they signed to Sound Riot for the release of this album exclusively.

In 2001 Whorth joined the band to recorded 4 songs for the splitcd with Arckanum which later was released by Carnal records in 2003, Svartsyn sign with Sound Riot again for the release of their 4th album entitled Destruction Of Man.

The re-release of Bloodline including the Tormentor 7" EP as bonus track on CD format in 2005.

In 2007 they returned with their 5th album Timeless Reign.

In 2010 Svartsyn sign a 3 album record deal with Agonia records.

Svartsyns 6th album Wrath Upon The Earth is the first album without Draugen on drums. For the 6th album studio session (Baruch & Zoran) were used to complete the album which was recorded at Astral Projects during september 2010. The 24th of January 2011 it was released.