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Developing a unique style as well as a strong concept with its music and lyrics, Monolithe explores on the acclaimed debut album "Monolithe I" (released in June 2003 by Appease Me…) the path of the origins of mankind. Consisting in one single 52 minutes track, this first album opens the gates of a fascinating vision of what Doom Metal can be : still slow and heavy but also solemn and mystical, still dark but enlightened by some positive atmospheres within the black and oppressive feelings given by this massive sound painting. As the prologue of a saga to be developed on several albums, "Monolithe I" shows the personality of Monolithe by integrating unusual elements for Doom Metal and creating both mystic and epic movements.

But the journey has just started; containing a solitary track clocking in at 50-minutes, Monolithe II (released in April 2005 by Appease Me/Candlelight) is an album that needs to be experienced. Its atmosphere is grandiose yet minimalistic. It is a musical saga that mixes heaviness, mysticism, and complex song structures. With hints of progressive flair (captured in well-placed clean guitar tones), the listener is invited into a world of beauty, horror and nothingness.

Monolithe's third release, a 20 minutes long mini-album called "Interlude Premier" (March 2007), had a strange destiny; Originally set for release on CD, this recording finally became the field of a new experience: the free release through the Internet. People could download the album and give a donation which amount would be up to them. The idea got a lot of success and the downloading rates of this extreme, harsh and experimental release exceeded all expectations.

However, Monolithe's thirst to walk on unexplored paths is not gone. More than 2 years have been required to write and arrange such a monster as Monolithe's forthcoming new full length album, titled Monolithe III. The music follows the evolution of mankind described in the lyrics... And this time, "(they) left the reassuring threshold too far behind"!

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