Demonlord - Biography

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Demonlord was formed in 1996 in Gyõr by Gábor Kovács, András Nagy, Zoltán Világi and Balázs Jurasek. Fortunately the line up has not changed since then.

After a massive songwriting period and a few demos ("Capital Punishment", "Vengeance", "Valley Of Life") we recorded our debut album in 1999 at the Bat Studio in Szolnok, Hungary. "Adventures In Hell Part I." was a sucess among the fans, so we signed by the Hungarian label Hammer Records. "Adventures" became one of the best selling metal albums of it's time.

Demonlord played many gigs during the following years, took part on the biggest festivals in the country, and gathered a solid fanbase of true metalheads.

2002 was the year of "Helltrust", the demons second LP (recorded at Studio P in Törökbálint, Hungary). The musical style remained the same, the band still has a straight imagination about how to play melodic power metal. For the European and worldwide distribution of Helltrust is the German label Source Of Deluge responcible.

The album came to the European stores only in 2005, which is the releasing time of the third Demonlord LP "Hellforged" too.

So watch out, the Demon still has you in sight!