Hellhammer - Biography




The Hellhammer story begins as far back as the summer of 1981 when a young man by the name of Tom Warrior, the bassist for the band Grave Hill (which he formed), went to London during the peak of the NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) movement. Perhaps influenced during this time by metal bands such as Angel Witch, Cirith Ungol and Venom, he brought back some of this with him when returning home to Switzerland. This aggression had an effect upon his musical direction and style. Tom wanted to create a very extreme and heavy sound, and started writing heavier, more aggressive music for Grave Hill. However, the band just couldn't handle this new style the way Tom envisioned it. After attempts in his both Tarot and Grave Hill, Tom's extreme concept began to take shape in his new band Hammerhead, which he formed in early 1982. Enter bass guitarist/co-lead vocalist Steve "Savage Damage" Warrior, who helped Tom to rename the band Hellhammer, and drummer Pete Stratton. Stratton was soon replaced with drummer Bruce "Denial Fiend" Day, and a new meaning to the word "extreme" was born. Hellhammer's music was unlike anything anyone had ever heard before. Loud, brutal, and demonically heavy. This was music that could be used as a soundtrack for the end of the world!

Let it be known that in 1984 Hellhammer ceased to exist and the mighty Celtic Frost was formed. Yet it was Hellhammer that built the foundation to most upcoming 80's extreme metal bands and that only in two years of existence. But during that, the band obtained a well-earned cult status and changed to face of metal forever.

by Götterdämmerung