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XIV Dark Centuries - Biography



In 1998 XIV Dark Centuries evolved out of the ashes of the band Reifen 14.

In the following months the band wrote and recorded six new songs - the demo "For Your God" was the band's first sign of life. Because XIV D.C. have always considered themselves as live band, they've played many gigs in the following time, among others at the acclaimed Party.San Open Air 2000 and as support act for Menhir and Die Apokalyptischen Reiter. In April 2000 their former guitarist Horstmann departed and was replaced by Tobalt soon after, who ever since is also responsible for most of the band's song-writing. At the beginning of 2002 Uwe (of Killing Fountains) joined the fold as second guitarist. He brought in some fresh ideas and greatly enhanced the band's live performances as the compositions have become more complex over the years as well.

In June 2002 the recordings of the first proper release were finished. The self-released demo CD "Dunkle Jahrhunderte" ("Dark Centuries") contained several old, still unreleased tracks, a cover and a new song.

From December 2002 to March 2003 the band was in the studio again to record its first album with original material, " den Ahnen zum Gruße " ("A Salute to the Ancestors"). The 13 tracks on this CD were written in 2001-2002 and a lot more complex and original than anything the band has created before. The band describes its style as Thuringian Heathen Metal, the lyrics are exclusively in German, tell stories and myths of their pagan ancestors and are interpreted by clean, death and black metal-style vocals.

In June 2003 the band signed a contract with the Austrian label CCP Records for three years, so that " den Ahnen zum Gruße " could be re-released all over Europe in September 2003.

In the following months the band toured a lot to spread their songs and their message. For the first time they also played two concerts abroad in autumn 2004. To this day the band has played more than 60 gigs.

Many new songs had been written in the meantime, but the band didn't have the time for an elaborate recording. Hence they decided to record only five new songs in October 2004. The resulting EP "Jul" got released in June 2005 by CCP Records and received exclusively raving reviews. The band had refined its sound even more, a larger emphasis was set on clean vocals, folklore and acoustic elements, while the other elements of XIV D.C.'s trademark sound were as strong as ever. Lyrically, as the name already suggests, the EP was about the Yuletide and the winter solstice.

In 2005 and 2006 the band performed on the two biggest pagan metal festivals in Germany, namely the Ragnarök and the Ultima Ratio festivals.

On September 29th, 2006 the band has released its most recent album "Skithingi" on their new label Perverted Taste. Featuring 14 new songs "Skithingi" showcases the band as more versatile yet catchier than ever. Musically the band continued its concept of the preceding EP, while the lyrics this time are about the age of the Thuringian empire's downfall.

Due to job commitments a tour in support of the new album wasn't possible, so only a few single dates could be played in 2006. A full-blown tour is planned for 2007 though. Offers are welcome!

We are always interested in playing gigs in Germany and the neighbouring countries. If you want to make us an offer, don't hesitate to get in touch with us via e-mail ( or the contact form ( Interviews are always welcome too, as well as reviews of our CD's (please send us a copy via e-mail).

Source: (Translated by Promonex)