Katharsis - Biography




Zwickau Black Metal band, Katharsis play raw black metal in the vein of Darkthrone, but with added layers of complexity and strangeness. They released a string of demos commencing with 1996's 'Terror, Storm & Darkest Arts' followed up by 'The Red Eye Of Wrath' in 1998 and 'Into Endless Chaos' a year later. By the second of these tapes Katharsis was operating as a duo comprising of Drakh, handling lead vocals, drums and guitar, and Scorn, on guitar and bass. Following issue of 'Into Endless Chaos' Scorn forged side act Deathcult featuring M.K. on drums. This latter figure would then enroll himself into Katharsis.

The 'Dawn Of A New Order' EP would be a shared effort with Nhaavah. After the full length '666' album Katharsis issued a further split 7" 'Watchtowers Of Darkness (Part II)' this time in league with Moonblood. A further split effort, 'The Portals Of Light' EP on Sombre Records in alliance with Black Witchery, was limited to 666 hand numbered copies, of which the first 100 were pressed on red vinyl.

Norma Evangelium Diaboli put out the album 'Kruzifixxion' in November 2003 and VVorld VVithout End in August 2006. They were supposed to release a split with Antaeus in 2007, but it was unfortunately canceled due to Antaeus' line-up problems.