Antaeus - Biography




The band started out as a three piece Tragos Adein side project. The initial members were: MkM on vocals, Piat on guitars and A on bass (who only did a couple of rehearsals before leaving the band).

An early recording done with a drum machine and Piat's vocals was spread in a few copies through various distributions. Only one track from this era remains part of their playlist nowadays: "Whenever I'll Lay...".

They became a real band after recruiting Storm on drums and BlackPriest on bass.

Another "official" rehearsal was distributed in 1995. Through its Mayhemesque sound, the band could be linked to the rather hated Black Legions (Vlad Tepes, Belketre, Mütiilation) since the recording and the atmosphere were close to what their raw black metal was aiming to be.

With this tape, the band started being interviewed by various zines, mostly dedicated to the left hand path. Whereismyskin Zine (US), Stiff And Cold Zine (HUN), Cranium 666 Mag from Lithuania and Demomaniac Zine (FR) are just a few.

1996 saw several lineup changes and disputes with other bands. At the same time, Antaeus had its first real demo out, called "Supremacist Dawn", which sold 350 copies, even if this is the worst recording ever by Antaeus. Only a few distributors took the tape, since it was somehow boycotted by many.

The line up was: MkM on vocals, Kheer on bass, Piat on guitars, Storm on drums.
Kheer then left the band before the gig at the Gibus Club with Despond, Apocryphal and Flystrike. Set joined the band as a bass player just a few weeks before the show. It can be noted that the keyboard parts were done by Lord Tenebro Maleficium (now evolving under the Mantar moniker, on Haceldama Productions).

Being the target of some groups (labels and bands) created some tensions within the band, which led to the departure of former member Piat just after the gig that the band played with Impaled Nazarene.

Set became the new guitar player, a second guitar player Olivier (Children Of The Grave Zine's editor) entered the band, but he left shortly after the gig played with the English band Thus Defiles, due to his repulsion to nowadays' scene. The new addition of Philippe on bass allowed the act to take part in the Metal 13 compilation CD with cult French acts like Massacra and Aggressor and many other metal acts like Despond. The exposure given, even if the track isn't representative of Antaeus (due to its crappy recording once again), led to a new era for the band. At the same time, Antaeus will have one track on the "Encyclopedia Pestilencia" triple compilation CD released through Velvet Music International.