Poema Arcanus - Biography




Probably one of the finest undiscovered treasures from South America, POEMA ARCANVS are here to prove that a continent that is rarely connected to metal over here in Europe, can, if they want to! POEMA ARCANVS has created their 2nd album "Iconoclast" with a world class sound production, an epic and really memorable song writing and just an amazing taste of musicianship.

It's a tasty introduction into their world of progressive dark metal, often connected to the doom genre, where they cast their spell with blasting clean vocals , occasional brutal grunts plus blackish screams, heavy downtuned guitars, majestic and almost experimental keyboards, a technical awesome drum work and powerful melodic bass lines. It's a monumental and beautiful work, at the same time as aggressive and almost scary. It's Poema Arcanvs 2nd album, "Iconoclast"... A gem for those who want something different...

Poema Arcanvs was brought to life in 1992 in Santiago, Chile. They strived hard for creating something new, and their goal has always been to reach behind the normal concept of neither doom or death metal. This resulted in 2 demotapes as well as a live cassette EP, before they finally in 1998 recorded their debut album "Arcane XIII" which was released the year after by the Chilenean label Picoroco Records.

Since then the band has developed the strength of the band, both in composing material and in the stage of performance.
The band has also opened for alot of more known bands, including everything from Napalm Death to Moonspell, also playing alot of concerts in their home country as headliners.