Canopy - Biography






Canopy is a 5 man death act from Stockholm Sweden. Founded in 2002, a shaky period of missing members was had up until 2004 when the last member was found.

A period of insane rehearsing and songwriting begun. A few months later, the first gig was had, an impressive 45min set was done in front of a stunned crowd. After this gig, Canopy recorded their first EP, entitled, "During Day One". The EP contained 4 tracks, and featured as a guest none other than one of Sweden's greatest minds of death, Dan Swanö, it got great reviews and is now sold out.

Serious gigging now began, and Canopy got to play larger and larger stages. After qualifying to the semi-finals of the Emergenza contest, Canopy was to play at Klubben, one of the bigger scenes in Stockholm, where just about EVERY big metal band has played when they visit Stockholm. An intense gig with one of the biggest crowds almost saw Canopy take home the semi-finals. (This being rather impressive considering that Canopy was the one of the few bands that dared play death metal.)

During this time, 5 new songs had been written, and it was time to enter the studio again. They now chose to work with Kristian Niemann, of Therion fame, to record all instruments. He also contributed with a wicked solo in the 10-minute long epic track, Will. (A track so big, that mySpace can't handle it. Go to the webpage to download it!). All vocals were recorded in Midtown studios together with Ola Englund from Subcyde. The EP, entitled, "Will and Perception" was mixed there as well.

2006 sees their first full-length CD "Serene Catharsis", which was once again mixed by Ola Englund and this time mastered by the renowned Peter in de Betou (Katatonia, Messhugah, Hypocrisy), released in America on Disconcert Music. Written with a lot of effort and precision, main man Jonatan Hedlin, only 19 years old, produced this present album and created songs such as ''And Oceans'', ''Concentric'' and ''Subtle'' destined to be instant classics. Of course, he couldn't do this without the rest of the members, which makes this album a memorable listen from start to finish. Crushing riffs, growling vocals, great melodies along with a hint of fretless bass and progressive parts makes "Serene Catharsis" a must for Swedish death metal fans. Canopy 's music can be seen as a mix of Edge of Sanity and Amon Amarth... However, their music is more than just a mix of influences. Originality is a word that is used too often when one speaks about a new band; In the case of Canopy, it is warranted...

This year Canopy will release the full-length edition of Will And Perception, thru Disconcert music. Including 8 songs and circa 40 minutes of music, watch out for our best and most complete release to date. Five of the songs hail from our acclaimed demo/EP "Will and Perception" from way back in 2005, but everything is rerecorded 2008. One song is the classic "Common Walls" from our 2004 demo "During Day One" and is not only rerecorded, but also heavily re-arranged. The other two songs "Councels And Maxims" and "Riddance" are brand new explorations.