DoomSword - Biography





September 1997: Deathmaster creates DoomSword. Guardian Angel joins the project and helps Deathmaster out with arrangements and recordings.
At the end of Semptember 1997 the demo "Sacred Metal" was published.
Out of the 150 copies pressed, almost half of it are accidentally lost and the demo is soon sold out.
December 1997: Maurizio Chiarello, owner of Underground Symphony, signs DoomSword with his label.
March 1998: DoomSword recruit Dark Omen (bass) and Nightcomer (vocals).
August 1998: the debut album "DoomSword" is recorded.
March 1999: DoomSword release their first homonimous album in 3 versions: cd, digipack and limited edition (500 copies) vinyl.
November 1999: Guardian Angel leaves the band. Nightcomer leaves the band to dedicated himself to his main band, Fury 'n' Grace, known at the time with the name Madrigal.
February 2000: Deathmaster goes on with the activity of the band pretty much alone, and records four songs: "Odin's Hail", "Crimson sky - The flag of Armageddon", "In the battlefield" (nothing to do with the song on Let Battle Commence though), and "The Stygian Council". This recording is lost.
June 2000: Deathmaster records a cover version of Warlord's "Black Mass" (Gianluca Ferro recorded part of the solo), and a song called "The DoomSword".
October 2000: The Forger joins the band and renewed spirit leads DoomSword to actively look for replacements in the line-up. Grom is recruited and Gianluca Ferro at last accepts to join DoomSword with the stage name of Guardian Angel II.
January 2001: Enrico Paoli signs DoomSword with his label, Dragonheart. DoomSword actively start to write songs for the new album.
October 2001: DoomSword enter the Conquest Studio once again, to record "Resound The Horn".
June 2002: Grom takes the decision to focus on his main band, Ancient and leaves DoomSword.
June 2002: Wrathlord joins DoomSword.
June 2002: DoomSword release "Resound the Horn". Critic's response is very positive and DoomSword become a well known band in the underground scene.
October 2002: DoomSword start their live activity, with a show in Porto D'Ascoli with Manilla Road.
December 2002: DoomSword record "Let Battle Commence".
Year 2003: DoomSword play Germany and Greece, sharing the stage with Jag Panzer, Brocas Helm, Omen, Blietzkrieg, Sacred Steel, Gunfire, Battleroar, Battle Ram and many others.
September 2003: Guardian Angel II leaves the band, Sacred Heart replaces him. Let Battle Commence is released.
December 2003: Let Battle Commence is rated among the best albums of 2003, 9th best in the Greek Metal Hammer and best italian album in the Italian Metal Hammer.
January 2004: DoomSword tour Europe with Falconer and Axenstar, then play Athens with Battleroar and Litany.
April 2004: Dark Omen parts ways with the band and is replaced by Geilt.
June 2004: DoomSword support Omen and Virgin Steele, then headline the club show at Bang Your Head.
June 2005: DoomSword start working on the new album.
June 2006: DoomSword book the studio for the recording of the next album.
October 2006: DoomSword enter Conquest Studio for the recording of the fourth album called "My Name Will Live On".
January 2007: Graphics and mastering of "My Name Will Live On" are completed, the album will be soon printed.