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Southern Cross formed in the winter of 2000 as a metal cover band, when David Lizotte (vocals, guitar), Jean-François Boudreault (bass, vocals) and Frederic St-Onge (drums) joined together. In a few months the band performed a handful of gigs which ultimately led to recording a few compositions to take part in a local university contest; Southern Cross went on to win first place. Olivier Perrier-Maurel (guitar, vocals) and Jean-Benoît Lemire (keyboards) joined the band afterwords to complete the line-up.

More gigs were played and the band produced a couple demo albums, not to mention opening for Edguy in Montreal in 2004. The band's debut album, "Rise Above", was produced independently by the band in 2005. This production resulted in a power/thrash metal album with a lot of progressive influences, very well received by metal critics. An early 2006 release was followed by big concerts in Montreal and Quebec City, including opening for Yngwie Malmsteen, Stratovarius, Kamelot and Sonata Arctica.

Southern Cross signed a license deal with Thundering Records in January 2007 and "Rise Above" was released in Europe in May 2007. During this time, the band began working on material for the next album.

A full year of writing and pre-production helped the band craft their own sound: a dark progressive approach while keeping both power and thrash influences, oriented on the melodies and great orchestrations. The band then entered studios in 2008 and recorded their second full-length album, "Down Below". The recording ended in fall of 2008 with the mastering session held in West West Side Studios by Alan Douches. Southern Cross also produced their first videoclip for the single "Thirteen".

After parting ways with Frederic St-Onge in late 2008, the band began to rehearse with their new drummer Antoine Guertin in January 2009. After a few months, Southern Cross were ready to release their new album. The band then decided to part ways with Thundering Records and released "Down Below" on their own label, SC Productions.

The band performed a big release party in June 2009 in Quebec City, after which they toured across the province of Quebec to promote the "Down Below", which included an opening performance for Primal Fear in September.

Southern Cross is currently working on finding professional collaborations for international promotion and distribution of their sophomore album. The band have several gigs lined up for 2010 and some new ideas are already in the work for another album.