Minotauri - Biography

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Ari Honkonen, the main character of Finland's metal kings Morningstar, formed Minotauri in the year of 1995 as "therapy" band. The purpose was to play a bit slower metal than Morningstar was. The first line-up had some now-and-then Morningstar members and one rehearsal tape was recorded 1995 (not available).

Nothing really happened until the year 1997, when Viljami Kinnunen came to play drums and a primitivesounding reh.tape titled "Axe Attack" was released (not available). With the help of a bassist friend they recorded another primitive reh.tape titled "Metal Magic" early 1998 and after that, the current bass player Tommi Pakarinen stepped in. The band played their first shows in the summer time of 1998 and a live demo was released (not available).

The band wrote more songs, made a small mini-tour in Finland and released another live demo titled "Doomed to Live" (not available) in 1999. Things really started to happen in January 2000, when a primitive sounding 4-tracker demo titled "Devil Woman" did hit the streets. This rawsounding demo was like a mix of 70's PENTAGRAM, SARCOFAGUS and WITCHFINDER GENERAL! The band received pretty good reviews and were signed to german Iron Bonehead prod. to record a 7" single "Pain of Life/Violence", which was recorded & release in the same year 2000. It was a huge success and gained quite a lot underground press for the band. Minotauri was often called as Finland's DEATH ROW/PENTAGRAM!

The single was sold out pretty fast (only 500 copies made). The band also re-recorded "My Way" (from "Devil Woman" demo) to be released on Miskatonic Foundations' (UK) "At The Mountains Of Madness II" comp. Cd. The band wrote more killer songs and signed again to Iron Bonehead Prod. to record a 10" Ep "Doom Metal Invasion" in 2001.

Before it was released, the band made a small doom metal tour with Reverend Bizarre & Spiritus Mortis. The tour was called "Friends of Hell". The 10" ep was released late spring 2002 and again got massive, positive reviews/feedback. The band also recorded the last gig on tour and released it as "Funeralive" Cdr for the diehards (sorry, sold out, not available!). At the moment, more tracks are composed and the band is looking for future deals.

The band recorded it's debut album for Black Widow Records in summer 2003 to be released early summer 2004. The debut album has 8 songs and it will be a double album, including the sold out 10" and 7" as bonus. At the same sessions the band recorded a new song titled "Black (Magic) Triangle" for a split 7" w/Reverend Bizarre to be released by Metal Coven Records, spring 2004.