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Since 1997, Italian metal pioneers Elvenking have been an active part of the European scene steadily building a rapidly growing cult fan-base and performing around Europe, in both their home country, Budapest, and the UK where the band appeared at the legendary Bloodstock Festival with ex Skyclad/Sabbat singer Martin Walkyier and at Metalfest in Dudley where the band walked away with the joint Band Of The Festival prize sharing the spoils with Brainstorm.

The band debuted on record in 2001 with the excellent Heathenreel, but this would only be the beginning. Spreading mystic tales of fantasy and imagination to a wider audience, that album proved that their mixture of epic power metal and frisky folk was capable of instantly grabbing attention and was a lot more focused and real than many.

Wyrd, the band's second album was released in 2004, followed by another showcase of their musical individuality, The Winter Wake, unleashed in 2006; but it was probably The Scythe that became their biggest success so far and set the band on the current path. Not only did they dare to enhance their unique sound with some more dark/modern elements (to the delight of many), but with its strikingly bold track "The Divided Heart" they presented a high class video clip that has grabbed the attention of over one million viewers on the internet, a feat that continues to this day.

Their semi-acoustic 2008 follow up to The Scythe, Two Tragedy Poets (...And A Caravan Of Weird Figures) displayed their folk roots like never before and provided the band with their first European headlining tours and biggest festival bookings such as Summer Breeze but for 2010, the band has decided to return to full electric power again with Red Silent Tides. A tour with Primal Fear accompanied the release, as well as many headliner shows and festivals throughout Europe, proving that Elvenking is more wanted than ever before.

(Source: Facebook, 15.1.2015)

Era is released and a new era begins. With Era, the band's 2012 release, the development on the live sector continued with a full European tour and appereance at summer festivals like Masters Of Rock and Sabaton Open Air.

The evolution of Elvenking is quite impressive. With constant quality, the Italians have become one of Europe's leading folk band. At the same time, the band managed to refine their unique sound. Regarding their brand new release The Pagan Manifesto, it's obvious that Elvenking again have exceeded themselves and deliver the most rich and mature album of their career so far.

While 2012's Era album marked something like a new beginning for the band, Elvenking continue right there but also extend the folk part, revisiting releases like the debut Heathenreel, the follow-up Wyrd and 2006's The Winter Wake. But The Pagan Manifesto again shows new sides and facets of the band: just take the 13-minute epic track "King Of The Elves", featuring Amanda Somerville as guest. With "Elvenlegions" Elvenking release a very special song, dedicated to their fans. Folk rules supreme in "Moonbeam Stone Circle" and "Towards The Shores" gives you the ballad feel.

Whatever Elvenking do, they do well. And with The Pagan Manifesto, they brought their unique sound to perfection.

Elvenking support Gamma Ray and Rhapsody Of Fire in Europe.

The Pagan Manifesto is released.

(Source: Official website, 15.1.2015)