Wolf - Biography



Are you ready for the sonic wet dream of any traditional metal fan? Do you wonder what the hell has happened to the metal of the 80s, the spirit, the spikes, the attitude, the glory? With their fourth full-length The Black Flame, Swedish Wolf are destined to smash anything modern, anything nu with a burst of electrifying old style heavy metal that will leave you doubting this album was recorded in 2006!

It was in the year 1995 that Swedish metal heads Niklas Stålvind and Mikael Goding decided (after 666 pints) to form a Heavy Metal band that was in the true sense of the word, both heavy and metal. They recruited drummer Daniel Bergkvist and the mighty Wolf was born. Their self titled debut album, with cover artwork from legendary Swedish horror artist Hans Arnold, saw the light of day in 2000, got great reviews, the video went on rotation & Wolf set out to tour, play high profile festivals, bang their heads, drink beer etc.

2002 - Wolf record the smashing Black Wings album. Using Thomas Holm (Mercyful Fate et al.) as cover artist he gave the album a metal-look heavier then an Exodus riff. Again the album got great reviews and the band played festivals including Sweden Rock and Wacken Open Air as well as touring with Saxon. Three being an uneven number they recruited Johannes Losbäck (ex-Decameron, Seventh One) as guitarist/backing vox and again they play.

Wolf live and breathe Heavy Metal at their live shows - energy, volume, Flying V guitars and a "never stand still"-policy give every metal-fan what they desire. In 2004, Wolf decide its time to go back to the studio, again with Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy, Destruction, Immortal) as producer to record their groundbreaking Evil Star album. Unsurprisingly the trend of great reviews and more live shows followed, gaining the band an ever-growing fanbase within the public, the media and other bands.

During this period, long-time drummer Daniel Bergkvist decided to leave the band but still remains the "5th member" of Wolf. Drummer Tobias R. Kellgren (Dissection, Decameron, Seventh One, Soulreaper) got that gig. So, thats the past and now let us move on to the present! With Wolf now on Century Media Records they are about to let loose an untameable beast of an album in the form of The Black Flame. Banished to Fredman Studio during the summer of 2006, with Fredrik Nordstrom in the producers chair, WOLF have created the ultimate horror movie metal soundtrack that will leave a taste of blood in your mouth and a longing for more it is straight up, in your face Heavy Metal with classic oldschool inspired thrashing guitar work, the airtight rhythm section and epic choruses adding up to a slab of pure metal anthems played straight from the headbanging heart. If the beast under your bed has a walkman, you can bet its wearing your bullet belt & listening to The Black Flame.