It happened on one chilly day in December 1997. The very first thought about forming black-doom group came into being inside the heads of people from local music bands.

Kamil (guitar) /Carnage/, Prcek (keys) and Gabina (female voc) joined Ivoš (voc), Puco (bass) and Lecho (drums) /Atrophia/. These people came together to play a ten songs by Moonspell and Samael.

Nothing lasts forever and soon some changes came. Lecho left in summer 1998. Miro was accepted to drummer´s position and also second guitar player Hehnal came.

A year later these people decided to produce own music. By this group Anaon came into being. Encouraged by the power of our own creativity the first things were made. Lenka started to sing instead of Gabina who left in summer 1999 bigger changes came. Guitarist Hehnal as well as bassguitarist Puco left. Øiha was playing bass for a short time but it was Romana who definitelly solved "the bass problem". Also drummer Miro left and new drummer Michal came. Prcek left for some time trying to find himself in jazz. But he couldn´t resist the call of his metal blood and he came back after few months. So band survived and changed its name to Ador Dorath.

In the year 2000 two members of AD got married and having dealt with other things there was not much time left for concerts.

In March 2001 violoncello player Krystian joined the group. With his coming today Ador Dorath was formed. Whole year was spent by rehearsing and (de)composing of songs for our album.

We were also very happy that our friend Eva agreed to be a manager of AD. We owe her a lot of thanks for her work.

In spring 2002 AD the time has come for our first album "Adon nin Edeleth Ador Dorath" After its recording Kamil moved to another city and Krystian started to play guitar in AD. With Kamil coming back in 2003 Ador Dorath is in full strength again.

Violoncello and guitar player Krystian left becuase of lack of time after summer festivals in 2003. He became more or less outside member of band.

Interesting events hold in 2004. We have started to cut a first official video named "Live in Harenda".This eleven-minute video with two live clips is lastly included as a special bonus on re-issue our first ablum „Adon nin Edeleth…" which is official distributed by Shindy Productions.As usual this year have brought next personal changes.At first bass-guitar player Romana left and Kamil joined us from Tøinec group Growing Fear. Drummer Mihau leaved to Canada in the next half year probably forever. Kamil´s friend Èepa from Forgotten Silence took an offer to play with us right away. After his coming band have been concentrated on creation of the second album.

AD have started recording its second album named „Symbols"in April 2005 and have been published by Shindy Productions in August 2005. Violoncello player Krystian participated in the whole realization.

Present album was promoted turn 2005/2006, mini-tour with slovak band Depresy within a common publisher Shindy Productions - thus intensive performing in a concerts. AD was awarded by the Academy of popular music in denomination Hard&Heavy as the best album of the year in March 2006.

Music of AD ranks sympho-black-doom metal but we prefer to label ourselves as obscure psychotic mysteries considering lyrics and mood.