Dark Moor - Biography




Dark Moor was formed in 1994 in Madrid (Spain) & recorded their debut album ''Shadowland´´ in the summer of 1999. Dark Moor did some appreciated live preformances supporting Demons & Wizards in their Spanish Tour , it was a good chance to be discovered by a big crowd of Spanish Metal fans.
Dark Moor began the recording sessions of their second album ''The Hall Of The Olden Dreams´´ in August 2000 at New Sin Studios with the producer Luigi Stefanini. During these recording sessions the band recorded the cover ''Halloween´´ which was included in the Cd ''The Keepers Of Jericho´´ - A Tribute To Helloween - (Arise Records ).
The E.P ''The Fall Of Melnibone´´ was released in June 2001.This E.P was a Ltd. Edition (1.500 copies) only released for the Spanish market.
Dark Moor began the recording of their third album ''The Gates Of Oblivion" in the autumn of 2001 at New Sin Studios.Dark Moor signed with the major label J.V.C for the Asia. The band plays 18 gigs, getting an incredible response in festivals such as Rock Machina, Viña Rock or Nit De Reis. After the first part of the Tour,Robert (Keyboards) left the band and it owes to the band to finish the Tour with a guest musician.
In August 2003 Dark Moor recorded 4 new exclusive acoustic tracks with the collaboration of a string-quartet to be included in "Between Light and Darkness" album , a special edition where you also find the bonus tracks recorded for the japanese/korean editions of "The Hall Of The Olden Dreas" and "The Gates Of Oblivion" albums and the unreleased track "Dies Irae" (orchestral version). "Between Light and Darkness" was released on the 21th of April 2003. Unfortunately, due the different points of view regarding the musical direction for the next Dark Moor´s album, Elisa, Albert & Jorge decided to left Dark Moor starting a new band.
Enrik & Anan decides to start the search of new members. After a hard audition, the band finds the perfect singer for the band in the person of Alfred Romero.The new line-up is completed with Jose Garrido (guitars) and Andy C. (drums).
In August 2003, the band starts the recording of their fourth album "Dark Moor" at New Sin Studios (Italy), after a month of recording sessions, the album is mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox.
"Dark Moor" is a new masterpiece more intense, original and heavier than their previous releases "Dark Moor" was released on 24th November. In this album appears as a guest vocalist Beatriz Albert of Ebony Ark.
In February 2005 the band released their fifth LP "Beyond The Sea", with a sound different at their first efforts, but always keeping the Neo-classical Dark Moor's brand.
On November 23rd 2006, the band announced the departure of their drummer Andy C. on their official website, due to "incompatibility with his other musical projects." He would go on to play drums for Saratoga. His replacement, Roberto Cappa, was previously in the Spanish metal band Anima Sola.
In February 21st 2007 is put on sales their sixth album called "Tarot", called this way because their tracks are named based in some of the Major Arcana deck cards in the Tarot game. Manda Ophius of Nemesea is the guest female singer this time.
In January 2009, their seventh album Autumnal was released. This album is more orchestral than their past ones, and also feaures Alfred Romero singing in very operatic vocals. The singer Itea Benedicto from the band Niobeth makes back vocals this time.
The band made an announcement on their website, dated 4 June 2010, that their eighth album is in the works. It will feature Berenice Musa as a guest vocalist. The album is titled "Ancestral Romance" and was released in November 2010. This album deals about some important chapters of the Spanish history, keeping the sound of "Autumnal" and also recovering some elements of the early albums. Also it features the first song of the band with lyrics fully in Spanish, called "La Canción del Pirata".