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Helrunar - Biography




Helrunar is a black metal band from Germany, founded in 2001. Helrunar is an archaic breath of the misty world hidden behind all that is considered real by the people of a modern society marked by dull materialism. A breath filled with darkness, fear and coldness, but also with the wisdom and the passionate imagination of a remote past veiled by the mist. A breath silently whispering tales of what once came to pass, but will always come to pass again. A breath that becomes a song to counter oblivion as it brushes the branches. A breath that becomes a storm as the illusion fades away and the misty world awakens...

The image of runes and mythology that Helrunar stands for is a search for truth, a path that leads back to earth. It is archaic, natural and psychological and is not influenced by wannabe "Rune-esoterics" of the "third reich" at all.