Decrepit Birth - Biography




Decrepit Birth is a modern style death metal band, building upon the blocks of the early 90's death metal scene. "We are a band with serious intentions to create an original sound, with great speed and accuracy." Originally formed in the mid 90's by guitarist Matt Sotelo, and vocalist Bill Robinson, the intentions of this band have always been the same...ultimate brutality. In September of 2001 Matt and Bill joined forces with ex-DEPRECATED bassist Derek Boyer. The three of them started writing material for a full-length CD. The band brought drummer Kevin Talley (ex-DYING FETUS/MISERY INDEX) out, and recorded a pre-release version of "Prelude to the Apocalypse". Luckily, Unique Leader Records offered them a deal, and they happily accepted. They were still one man short for the record, they needed a solid drummer, with all the skills for blasting and lots of fast double bass. Erik of Unique Leader offered to bring Tim Yeung out for the session. "We knew of Tim's insane skills from his work with bands like HATE ETERNAL, AGIEL, and AURORA BOREALIS." Tim came out to Matt's home recording studio to begin tracking for the up-coming release titled '...And Time Begins'. The band completed the recording over a four month period. It will be available on Unique Leader Records in stores world wide September 2003. Look Forward to many tours and more technical brutality from DECREPIT BIRTH over the years to come.