Diapsiquir - Biography

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Diapsiquir are a French experimental/industrial black metal band from Dourdan, France. Formed in 1996, the band exists as a duo of Toxik Harmst (Arkhon Infaustus, Battlehorns) and VulgR (formerly known as Aymer). They released their first demo, Pacta Daemonarium in 1999, followed by a split album with Battlehorns and another demo before recording their first full length album on End All Life Productions in 2003.

Their second full length, Virus S.T.N., was released in 2005 and showed a significant change in the band's sound, this time opting for a more experimental approach as opposed to their previously more traditional black metal sound. The first two demos would later be released as a double CD compilation by Hospital Productions. They are currently slated to release a new full-length album on french extreme metal label Necrocosm.