Powergod - Biography

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The initially anonymous Metal band Powergod debuted in 1999 on the Massacre label with their 'Evilution Part I' opus. The line up purported to be vocalist Leo. L. Sing, guitarist Riff Randall, actually former Sodom six stringer Andy Brings, and drummer Haan 'Hama Hart' Hartmann. For the second release of 2000 "Evilution Part II: Back To Attack", 'President Evil' (Alex Koch) of Spiral Tower took the vocal position.
A third album, 'Bleed For The Gods', arrived in October 2001 and proved to comprise solely of cover versions of 80s metal classics. Honoured artists included Savage Grace, Agent Steel, Metal Church, Chastain, Manowar, Hear n' Aid, Warlock, Nasty Savage, Yngwie Malmsteen, Q5, TNT, Anthrax, Stryper, Driver, Hallows Eve and Lizzy Borden. Guest session players included Rough Silk keyboard player Ferdy Doernberg, vocalist Rob Rock as well as members of Warlock, Agent Steel, Stormwind, Holy Moses and even 'Rock Hard' magazine head supremo Gotz Kuhnemund (a.k.a. 'Sir Pommes'). Powergod would head up a European set of dates during October of 2002 billed with Chinchilla, and Valley's Eve. The band also cut a version of Helloween's 'Starlight' for a tribute album and also a take on Black Sabbath's 'Neon Knights' for the WW3 collection 'Back To The Stonehenge Gods - A Tribute To Black Sabbath'. "Nemesis - Evilution Part III" is the band's fourth album released in 2002.
In 2005, another cover album was released entitled "Long Live The Loud", which presents covers songs of some bands like Exciter, Abattoir, Raven, Loudness, Rosy Vista, D.R.I., Hellion, Omen, Destruction and some others.