Winds Of Plague - Biography





Winds Of Plague was founded in 2002 in Upland, California. During the time of the band's inception, its name was originally "Bleak December". However, they changed their name in April 2005 to "Winds Of Plague", being named after a lyric from the Unearth song, "Endless". Shortly following their name change, they recorded their debut album A Cold Day In Hell when they had just finished their senior year at high school. It was released on June 27, 2005 through Recorse Records. It features the single "Brotherhood", which they still play at numerous live shows.

Three years after the release of A Cold Day In Hell, they recorded their first major label album Decimate The Weak, which was released on February 5, 2008 through Century Media Records. The album features the singles "Decimate The Weak" and "Angels Of Debauchery", and a music video was shot and released for the song "The Impaler". The album also features four tracks from A Cold Day In Hell that were re-recorded for this album.

Winds Of Plague's third album, and second release on the major label Century Media, The Great Stone War was released on August 11, 2009. Though the album features two singles, "Approach The Podium" and "Chest And Horns", no music videos were ever shot for any songs on the album. On October 14, 2009, keyboardist Kristen Randall stated that she would be leaving the band and did so days afterward. The band approached musician Lisa Marx to fill in on keyboard for their Australian/New Zealand tour. Afterwards the band found Alana Potocnik who since then has been inducted as Winds Of Plague's keyboardist.

Against The World, the band's fourth album, was released on April 19, 2011 to widespread critical acclaim. "Refined In The Fire" and "California" have been released as singles, as well as music videos for "Drop The Match", "California" and "Refined In The Fire". The band also appeared on the soundtrack for the game Homefront performing a cover of the Buffalo Springfield song "For What It's Worth". A cover of "Zombie" by The Cranberries was included in an iTunes EP for "California". This gained vast popularity.

Winds Of Plague is currently in the studio recording their fifth full length album, Resistance, for Century Media Records.