Cryptic Summoning - Biography

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Founded in the first moments of the third millennium, Cryptic Summoning is, above all, the result of an alloy of Northern traditions by its language and its values. Native of the coasts of the Saint-Laurent River, the region of Rimouski is a muse filled with riches and history which contributes to the group's taste for the most violent and compromise-free black-metal. In the very beginning, the group proposed a pagan style of the most primitive type, inspired by the barbarian tribes of the past which spread terror all around Europe. Afterwards, as a result of major changes, the group directed its musical orientation towards Thrash, having as equal only the hostility and the cold of the Sea and Earth. Performing in the language of Moliere, Cryptic Summoning holds a merciless battle against the scourge of americanisation and the relentlessness of the English-Canadian loyalists' assimilation. Growing in the Spirit of the Lily, Cryptic Summoning makes it its honor to perpetuate, as a lighthouse's eternal flame, the Stories of Weapons and Legends of our Ancestors having lived in all lands and ages.