Derdian - Biography




Derdian born in 1998, by an idea of Henry Pistolese (rhythm guitar) and Marco Covelli (drums). The band was initially interested in Trash-Metal style, covering bands like Metallica and Megadeth, but when they decided to write original songs they approached Power Metal, in order to make their music powerful, loud and melodic. After some line-up changes, Derdian released their first self-produced demo-Cd called "Revenge", distributed just in Italy and very well reviewed by main local Power Metal-focused magazines and web-sites like "Power Zone" mag, "Orion" mag and and "Eutk" site. After the recording of this demo, new line-up changes occurred and, in the meantime, the band managed to play a few live-shows in Italy ("Indian's Saloon Club", "Transilvania Live Club", "Madigan's Pub", etc.). In 2003 Derdian self-released their debut-MCD "Incitement" , featuring 3 original songs + 1 CD Rom track (containing a live-video for the title-track) that got great reviews and led the band to sign a record-deal with Steelheart/Adrenaline Records.
The debut-CD "New Era (Part I)" have seen the light in February/March 2005 and it marked the beginning of a new era in the story of the band.

The debut album sold a lot of copies all around the world , specially in Japan Korea, Canada and USA. By now too New Era pt. 1 is very requested by all the metal heads all around the world At the end of 2006, after a self promotion by Myspace, Derdian was contacted by the great American label: Magna Carta (Portnoy, Billy Sheean, Jordan Rudess, Steve Morse) that proposed an agreement to the band. Derdian signed this agreement and the new album: New Era pt 2 - War of the Gods came out in august in USA and In September 2007 in Europe In 9 years the Band had faced a lot of difficulties, and problems of all sorts, but now they are ready to scream out their music and their battle hymns !