Nevolution - Biography



Four guys from a small town named Akureyri in the north of the country Iceland joined up and formed a band. The band started of as Anubis in 2000, and released a two song demo in 2001, named 2001 demo, but shortly after it's release a major dispute arose between some of the members and the decision was made to never play with each other ever again. So the only two members who could agree with each other musically decided to continue on and in 2003 found two other guys with similar musical ideas, and invited them to join in. All agreed that the bands name needed to be changed and in 2004 they announced the new name Nevolution. While they were deciding a new name they were also writing new material, and in early 2004 they figured they had a cds worth of material and recorded a five song EP "Jump Stop Theory" and released it the same year. After some successful tours and gigs all around Iceland (though most of their gigs were actually in Reykjavík or in the surrounding area), they got a nice surprise from their childhood heroes Iron Maiden, Iron Maiden was going to play in Iceland and they somehow had gotten their hands on the EP and invited Nevolution to be a supporting act for them on the opening act in Iceland, since their original supporting act Mastodon couldn't make it, needless to say they agreed. The concert was a success and it earned them a respectable place in the Icelandic metal scene. Since then they have supported acts like Into Eternity and Amon Amarth to name but a few.

Wanting to continue on with their success they decided it was time for a full length. So in September 2005 they started recording the material for the album, they also decided to go their own way and instead of going to a "fancy" studio they left Akureyri to a farm in the middle of nowhere to record the album, and in 2006 they released their first full length "Music to snap by". Since the relese they've mainly been touring around Iceland to support their new album, and coming up with new material.