Daysend - Biography



Daysend, the tightest and most dynamic live band in the land finally unleash one of the most anticipated metal albums of 2007, a powerful 12 track monster Metal album of epic proportions aptly titled "The Warning". Since the huge success of their 2003 debut album "Severance", Daysend have been propelled to the top of the Australian Metal scene touring with some of the worlds biggest metal acts such as Slipknot, Machine Head, The Black Dahlia Murder, Strapping Young Lad, In Flames, Chaimira, Cephalic Carnage, The Haunted, Entombed, Skinlab, & Hatebreed. Now, "The Warning", produced by metal maestro DW Norton, is sure to take the band to the forefront of the world's stage.

Daysend is a progressive Australian Metal band fusing an array of musical genres to create a hard edged yet melodic sound. They are a melting pot for various styles and influences ranging from thrash to hard rock and good old fashioned heavy metal. The explosive five piece rocketed onto the scene at the beginning of 2003 boasting members of various high calibre local metal bands, all with the passion and determination to take their wares to a higher level.
In 2005 Daysend scored a highly coveted spot with Californian metallers Otep for their North American tour, along with Gizmachi, Devilinside, Manntis, and Suicide City and for six weeks they raged and rampaged across the continent from San Francisco to New York, Michigan to Colorado and everywhere in between gaining a multitude of fans along the way. You have been warned.