Impending Doom - Biography



We are Impending Doom, a Christian Death Metal band from Riverside, California with one soul purpose of existing and that is to spread the name a Jesus Christ to those who dont know him. We are not here to force anything down anybodys thoats, will would never do that. We are here to simply tell you that God is real, he died for your sins 2,000 years ago. If anybody has any questions or just wants to talk please come up to us at one of our shows, it sometimes gets really hard to reply back to messages on our page, esspecially when we are touring, we love talking to you guys, we would never judge anyone of you for anything whether your satanic, christian, or simply just dont believe in God, we are all sinners and we each fall short like everybody else at times, who are we to judge? We are simply here for all of you if you need to talk we would love to talk with you about anything!


There's a new marque of darkness coming out of the amplifiers of Impending Doom. Three guitarists contribute to the density of sound that fills your head like an inky black menace when first you hear this band. This is a band comprised of musicians who manipulate the genre of death metal like a butcher wields his cleaver. Bending vocal sounds to his whim, Brook Reeves takes the listener on a downward spiral into the depths of the band's convictions where one may be surprised to find a shining light of unbelievable brilliance. The juxtaposition of guttural bellowing and slaughterhouse wailing isn't the only thing that catapults Impending Doom above the rest of the death metal bands. The fact that Impending Doom refuse to toe the line with their spiritual convictions in a genre long known for it's demonic inclinations is paramount to the band's impending notability…and your impending doom.