Liquido - Biography

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This band was founded in 1996 by four friends from primary school - Wolfgang Schrödl (vocals, guitars, keys), Tim Eiermann (vocals, guitars), Wolle Maier (drums) (these 2 guys just left the legendary Pyogenesis) and Stefan Schulte-Holthaus (bass).

They released their debut single "Narcotic" in 1998, already setting their trademark style of repetive keyboard melodies combined with heavier guitar-chord-driven parts and sweet vocals. It slowly climbed up to #3 of the German charts in early '99 and stayed at high charts positions throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, America. Liquido became famous overnight, "Narcotic" being one of the most successfull German Singles of 1999.

After the huge succes they didn't lose their head and the band released their successful debut album called "LIQUIDO" with the further hits "Doubledecker" and "Clicklesley".

The improvised, hobby-type group turned into a serious quartet working busily on their later releases "AT THE ROCKS" (2000), "ALARM! ALARM!" (2002) and the newest album "FLOAT" (2005). While they could never repeat the success of "Narcotic" the later Singles "Play Some Rock" and "Ordinary World" did gain some airplay on MTV and German Radio Stations and both entered the Top 100 German Singles Charts.

Now in 2008, they released a new album called 'Zoomcraft'. Their second release since they joined Nuclear Blast.