Elysian Blaze - Biography





Elysian Blaze is the funeral black metal project of Mutatiis. The band is located in Australia and started in 2003.

Beneath Silent Faces originally came out on tape limited to 500 on Asphyxiate Recordings in 2003, then known as Plague Records. Cold Walls & Apparitions was released on Northern Silence Productions. Levitating The Carnal was released on Asphyxiate Recordings in July of 2006. The Beneath Silent Faces demo was re-released with the bonus track "Despair" on Asphyxiate Recordings in January of 2007.

In 2012, the band signed to Osmose Productions, releasing the double-disc Blood Geometry in June. Darkly operatic, with a more multi-layered structure than ever before, the album was met with virtually universal praise within the underground black and doom metal circles. Arguably stronger than ever, Mutatiis and his Elysian Blaze project press onward.