Waylander - Biography



Formed in 1993, Waylander released their debut demo, Once Upon An Era, in early 1995. Mixing Irish folk music with extreme Metal, Waylander were soon dubbed Folk, Celtic and Pagan Metal. In 1996, with the addition of a full time tin-whistle player, Waylander released their 2nd demo, Dawning of a New Age, which soon gained Waylander a prominent position in the fledgling Folk Metal scene. This was cemented when Waylander signed to Century Media and in 1998, their debut album was released, entitled Reawakening Pride Once Lost.

After overcoming some line-up changes, Waylander signed with Blackend Records and released their sophomore album, The Light, the Dark and the Endless Knot, in early 2001. In the last few years notable shows include Bloodstock Festival, Day of Darkness Festival and Ultima Ratio Festival, as well as gigs with Ancient Rites, Cathedral, Sabbat and Skyforger. Waylander's debut album, Reawakening Pride Once Lost, has been re-released by Midhir Records on Cd and vinyl. The forthcoming new album, Honour Amongst Chaos, is due to be released in 2008.

Current line up features original members ArdChieftain O' Hagan [vox] Michael Proctor [bass], and Den Ferran [drums] in addition to Saul McMichael and Gareth Murdock on guitars and Dave Briggs on all folk instruments. In 2012 saw the release of the their forth album Kindred Spirits on listenable records .Replacing guitarist Hugh O'Neil who had previously replaced Gareth Murdock when he left to join Alestorm was Tor Dennison. In 2013 after many shows supporting this album Drummer Den Ferran decided his time with the band had come to an end .Replacing Den was Former Order of Shadow and current Drakonis Drummer Lee McCartney, The band are currently writing their fifth full studio album due to be released in 2016

(source: http://www.myspace.com/clanwaylander)