Emergency Gate - Biography



Some time ago, after having played together in various school bands, bassist Mario Lochert and guitarist Fabian Kießling recognised a strong musical bonding and decided to form their own band.

Emergency Gate was born.

After months of song writing and gruelling rehearsals, their first live appearance took place not much later. The excited reaction of the crowd and the praise of the local press reinforced the teenagers in their decision to play own-compositions only and to concentrate on their own unique sound. This was a decision to strive for their vision and not become "just another cover-band". In the following couple of years, Emergency Gate played countless gigs and festivals and took part successfully in regional and national newcomer talent contests. They rapidly built a strong base of fans around their music that spans many age groups.
A couple of highlights to-date include the Radio-Premiere of the first Emergency Gate CD on the Hamburg Rock Station "Deutsch-Maschine", the performance in Munich with members of the band "Bonfire" and the studio work on the new Emergency Gate album with the Australian Engineer/Producer Spike Streefkerk.

With the amount of energy, freshness and spirit that these talented young musicians put into their music, it's only a matter of time before Emergency Gate get their big break.