Lilitu - Biography


In today's music scene, it is difficult, if not next to impossible, to find a melodic, dark metal band outside of Europe. The Georgia-based Lilitu, however, are one of the few exceptions to this genre. Formed in 1995 by Derek Bonner (guitar/vocals), Lilitu represents the height of emotional expression.

The first stages of the band featured female vocals, extended song arrangements, and a combination of Derek's own melodic and extreme vocals. For the first time it was "against the grain", the grain so to speak relative to other U.S. metal acts, but the sound completely paralleled the rising of the underground movement in Europe.

With this first line-up, Lilitu produced two recorded works, "Our Vessels of the Sea" (1996) and "Servants of the Twilight" (1997). Although these early recordings were rough around the edges, Lilitu became a name to watch out for…and just as the style was starting to become popular worldwide, the initial lineup of Lilitu disassociated.

The later part of 1997 saw the re-birth of the band. Derek began collaborating with keyboardist Adina Blaze. The two began writing; rehearsing whereever they could fine the space. Within a few months, the two-song 1998 Promo tape was being circulated to Press and Fans worldwide developing a strong following in Europe, and surrounding Countries.

The line-up solidified in 1999, as Derek recruited Jason Piona (guitar) and Evan Jones (drums). With this line-up Lilitu played a number of live shows throughout 1999 and shortly there after recorded the long player "the earth gods" (with session bassist Jonathan Potter). The band then signed with a new start-up German label, Emerald Factory Records. Characterized by their solid song-writing abilities and experimentation, Lilitu's music will be easily accessible to such pioneerning bans as Katatonia, and Opeth; at the same time sounding completely refreshing and unique despite their unlikely origins. Later that year the band opened up for bigger acts, such as; Nevermore and the Kovenant from Norway.

The summer of 2000 saw the departure of both Adina and Evan. Derek and Jason began writing, and yet again, the material took another turn and approach. In August of 2000 their search for new members to complete the line-up ended. They enlisted Fretless bassist Chris Todd, whose talent and creativity brought new dimensions to the Lilitu sound since they really never had a fucking bass player in the ban. I would if anyone has even read this far…hmmmm, we will see. Later in the year Corey Long (drums) from the local band Ice Pick decided to join full time after the recoding of "Memorial."

In October 2000, the new line-up entered the studio to begin recording their colossal new album "Memorial", although recording wasn't completed until April of 2001, due number of extraneous difficulties. "Memorial" is a wonderfully complex, dark and emotionally vivid album that demonstrates maturity and refinement far beyond Lilitu's years. "Memorial" stands as a monumental display of song-writing excellence, experimental innovation,stark progressions, and unparalleled musical authenticity. With this album, Lilitu embarks on a lyrical foray into the depths of vulnerability, and at times, to the pinnacle of emotional and redemptive resolution.

October 2001 saw the release of "Memorial" which was reviewed worldwide as one of the best of the unsigned acts, garnishing great reviews from all over. Again, the band continued sending out Press Kits to labels and promoted them selves through out the Internet. However, despite the hard work and rave reviews, the band still has yet to sign a contract with a label.

Present June 2003: some time past; Lilitu has begun recording their next installment in the form of "the Delores Lesion." Also a great highlight in May, the band opened the show here in Atlanta for Lacuna Coil and Opeth!