Moss - Biography



MOSS first cracked the earth in the bleak summer of 2001 - born from a sickening lust of horror, drugs, insane occult visions and a desire to create the heaviest fucking doom metal anti-music of all time.

Early years spawned rare live performances scattered with limited runs of cassettes and cdr split demos, before the release of the monolithic debut album 'Cthonic Rites' on Christmas Day, 2005.
Produced by Electric Wizard's Jus Oborn, 'Cthonic Rites' took the listener on a journey from the bowels of the earth to the farthest reaches of space and back, heralding the coming of ancient elder Gods through two massive slabs of bleakly magnificent, mind-controlling death sludge.

There followed 3 years of self-inflicted silence. The only signs of life being a limited 7" split with Monarch and an impossibly rare and dangerously packaged re-release of the 2002 'Tormented' demo.

2008: Moss return on Rise Above Records with their second album, 'Sub Templum'. Nocturnally recorded deep in the mystical Welsh valleys and once again overseen by Jus Oborn, 'Sub Templum' is an immense opus of occult hypnosis inspired by the macabre, masonry, marijuana and Doris ZORA Norton. A terrifying work of uncompromisingly cryptic enormity, 'Sub Templum' will ruin "extreme" doom metal for everyone.

With 'Sub Templum', Moss urge the awakening of Earth's deepest, most destructive secrets - the dreadful final judgement spelled out in the cultic symbols and perverted relics of an almighty elder species, lying in wait to claim the apocalypse.