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Incarnia - Biography

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Incarnia is a six-piece metal band hailing from the south shore of Montreal. The band was born in August of 2005 when guitarist, bassist and drummer, Jeremy, Todd and Matt began covering a variety of mainstream rock and metalcore bands such as Three Days Grace and As I Lay Dying.

After several months of practicing in Jeremy's garage, Thomas joined the band. Following his arrival, Incarnia wrote their very first original, My Bitter Side.

After a short time of looking for a singer, Matthew introduced to the band Marc. At first, he seemed timid, but when they heard his voice, they knew he was exactly what they needed.

It was now July of 2006. The band had 3 originals under their belt (My Bitter Side, The Abyss and Death by Nightfall) along with multiple covers. The idea of a keyboardist in the band was being thrown around, but none of the members thought they'd pull it together. They felt their music wasn't reflecting the sound they strived to have, with influences such as Kalmah, Dark Tranquillity and Skyfire. It was not long after before their long-time friend Vincent decided he'd pick up the keyboard and join the band.

And then there were six.

The complete band journeyed through the vast wastelands of metal, experimenting with a handful of subgenres in hopes to obtain that unique sound they all desired. The song that really veered the band on the right path; The Plague. As the first step towards the sound they have today, The Plague had all the aspects the band wanted out of their music: catchy riffs, melodic choruses and "shredding" solos. This milestone paved the way for a brand new set of songs, which ultimately lead to a brand new, evolved sound.

In a time where a blend of hardcore and death metal reigns, Incarnia tries to distance themselves from that fad. Boasting a style that is new to the Montreal metal scene; with aggressive and melodic guitar riffs, epic keys, blasting drums and aggressive vocals all mashed into one, Incarnia are ready to take the world by storm and they will not stop until the river's end.

Now, after hours and hours in the studio with the great Jonathan from melodic folk metal band Profugus Mortis, Incarnia released their first 4-track demo "At The River's End" and with it are armed and ready to show the world what they're made of.