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Decayed - Biography



The First Age: 1990 - 1991:
August 1990 - Decayed was born.
The idea behind Decayed came from the mind of 2 friends who were tired of playing in projects without real goals. Therefore, JA and Nuno joined their guitars under the name DECAY and started writing material along with the search for the rest of a line-up. In September, Pedro (drums) and Carlos (bass) joined JA (vocals/guitar) and Nuno (guitar) for the first rehearsals. In November Jorge was invited to growl and accepted. Some promo rehearsals were recorded with this line-up and spreaded throughout the Underground. These showed a band trying to perpetuate the 80's Metal feeling in a mix of Black, Thrash and Speed Metal. In March 1991 Pedro and Jorge left due to some musical differences, to be replaced by Mike (drums) and JM (vocals). At this time the band name was changed to Decayed and the music started to become more aggressive towards Death Metal. This line up lasted until October when the rehearsal place vanished and in November JA (guitar/vocals) and JM (vocals/ bass) joined forces with JB (drums).

The Second Age: 1992 - 1994
January 1992 - The demo "...Thus Revealed".
Although the demo received some good reviews, most of the material had been written with the previous formations and within the band there was a feeling that this wasn't how the band should sound. So, the sound changed again towards the Black Metal domain. In April VJ (guitar) joined in and after the release of the promo/compilation track "Nocturnal prayers" Dark Rex contacted us for the release of a 7"EP.

March 1993 - The single "The Seven Seals".
This has now become an Underground rarity and due to the good reviews and good live critics we decided to start working for what would become our debut album. This was recorded in September and it was followed by the departure of JM leaving JA in charge of the vocals and VJ of the bass.

January 1994 - The debut "The Conjuration Of The Southern Circle".
This one took everyone by the throat! An attack of ruthless aggression. It was very well reviewed everywhere, the first pressing of 1000 copies by Monasterium Records was fast sold out. The band was going great but then J.B. decided also to leave and this stopped the band's progress. In October due to some rumours that the band was dead, JA and VJ asked Rogerio (drums) to help them out in a new recording of Decayed. In November the "In Lustful Mayhem" cassette EP was recorded.

The Third Age: 1995 - 2000
July 1995 - "In Lustful Mayhem/ The Seven Seals" CD.
Although advertised by Skyfall Records as the band's second album, this was viewed by the band as just a MCD with some extra tracks. After this release, unable to find a decent drummer, the band decided to start using a drum machine and to go even further into the roots of Metal. With this line up a second album began to be composed and JM returned.

August 1996 - The second album "Resurrectionem Mortuorum".
Finally the band was going somewhere once again. This recording showed a different band in all aspects. This was what Decayed should always have been, a band totally influenced by the old Metal bands. As an untrendy release and due to the drum-machine, it received some inferior reviews but also excellent by those who understood it. Unfortunately due to no promotion and almost no distribution, the result was a very poor sales number.

September 1997 - A second single "Behold The Wrath".
The band decided to start looking for a new label and started composing new material for the third album. In the meantime, a single was self released limited to 500 copies. Once again, this was a high acclaimed release by almost everyone and the title track is still one of our best known songs.

November 1998 - Split CD with ALASTOR "Sacrifice Of The New Born".
With the demise of Evil Omen Records, supposed to release the third album and with the aim of not letting the name of the band disappear, another self-release (also limited to 500 copies) was put forth with the mid 1996 recordings under the title "A Sacrifice To Darkness".

December 1999 - The third album "The Book Of Darkness".
Finally, this third album became available. Recorded in October 1997, due to several problems and lack of interest by labels (due to the band's own sonority), it took all this time for Drakkar Records from France to sign the band and release the album. Acclaimed by many as the best work so far it would take the name of Decayed were no other release had.

May 2000 - A mini CDR "French Attack".
To celebrate our first gig abroad we decided to release a MCDR with a very old song (actually the first song ever written for DECAY) and 4 live songs recorded at the Ritz in Lisbon in April 2000. This release was limited to 69 copies, hand numbered and signed by the band.

July 2000 - The tapes "Live 9/9/99" and "Ataque Infernal".
A cassette EP with the rehearsal of the 9th day of the 9th month of 1999 was released in June by Impaler Of Trends alongside with another cassette EP ("Ataque Infernal") released by Lucy Distro with some old and unreleased recordings. In August, VJ decided to leave the band due to a lack of time for rehearsals and overall commitment to the band.

November 2000-The first European tour.
With IMPIETY and ABIGAIL and promoting the third album, we stormed Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Holland in 16 shows receving a good critic in most of them.

December 2000 - Split Single "Supreme Evil".
In December, "Supreme Evil" a split single with CORPUS CHRISTII was released by Hiberica under the title "Decadentia Christii" featuring 3 new songs of Merciless Black Metal. Our most brutal material and recording ever.

The Fourth Age: 2001 - 2002
July 2001 - The fourth album "Nockthurnaal".
This is once again a step backwards into the roots of what we think to be Real Metal. This album breathes the 80's spirits all over it, be it the music, the lyrics or the overall feeling. Undoubtedly this is the band's best work ever.

August 2001 - Another split single.
Released by the Italian label Warlord Records, a split with ABIGAIL in the BULLDOZER tribute series with the song "Ride hard, die fast".
September 2001 - Another split single.
Sombre records released the 4 way split single "Black Metal Endsieg II" with a new song to be featured on the next album with a different version and lyrics.

November 2001 - "Ten Years of Steel", the live album!
After some delays and misunderstandings with the original label, it was out on Hiberica. This is the recording of the gig were we celebrated 10 years of Decayed. Featuring songs from 1990 to 2000, 14 live songs plus 4 studio songs from previous limited releases it shows were we came from and were we're heading. 74 minutes of pure Lusitanian Black Fucking Metal!

March 2002 - "Demon Blade" the first LP!
Finally, after so many years trying to release an LP, it was once again by Sombre Records; a vinyl release that includes material (remixed and remastered) taken from the anno 2000 Tapes. Limited to 500 copies.

May 2002 - "The Conjuration Of The Southern Circle" on LP.
Back in 1993 we were negotiating with a label for an LP release. It never happened but the wholle album was recorded (side A, side B, length - it was supposed to have more songs but the label said that we had to record around 40 minutes) for an LP version, and now, more than 8 years have passed, through Hiberica the original idea comes to life! Limited to 500 copies, for all die hard fans!

July 2002 - "Satanic Blast", a new single.
After almost one year, new material was made available. This is without a doubt, our fastest release ever! 9 songs in 14 minutes, no mercy... Released by Drakkar, this EP is limited to 500 copies and it will for sure become a classic for all Decayed legions.

September 2002 - From the past a new single: "Hymns To Satan".
This new single released by Iron Bonehead, has 2 songs from 1990 never released and never recorded; only played live in the early years of the band. Again limited to 500 copies and 400 sold in the first 2 weeks!

November 2002 - "Ataque Profano". South American release.
Exclusive compilation tape to help spread our blasphemies in the South American continent. The songs were taken from various releases (compilations, MCDs and singles) from 1992 to 2001. Limited to 269 copies.

The Fifth Age: 2003-....
January 2003 - JM decides to depart.
Once again, JM decides to leave the band to pursue his own ideas. JA remains as the soul member of the band and no immediate plans are made to add new musicians, instead, friends are asked to participate sporadically.

June 2003 - A new album: "The Beast Has Risen".
After an hiatus of almost 2 years, a new album is delivered once again by Drakkar. Combining old ideas (from 92/93) with the new direction already taken on the previous work, this album is the return to the so acclaimed roots of the band (debut album) but also a step forward when it comes to production wise. A real Underground album (recorded at the Hell-Mayhem studio) with many Portuguese vocalists giving their contribution to this unholy piece.

September 2003 - Japanese version.
By Inner Evil Productions, the debut album is finally available once again for all those who missed it in 1994. New packaging and with the 92 demo plus the 93 7"EP as bonus songs, all remastered.

December 2003 - "Pure Fucking Mayhem". A blast from the past!
Recorded in November 1993, this was the last gig performed with the now aclaimed by some "classic line up": JA, JM, VJ and JB. This old recording containing 6 songs was made available by the portuguese label Hades Productions in tape format. For the nostalgic......

February 2004 - "The Book Of Darkness" on LP.
Released by the australian label Apocalyptor Rex, this is the vinyl version of the third album originally released in 1999, totally remastered and remixed with some extra effects thrown in. Unfortunatelly, due to a factory error, the 2 last songs are not featured making this a truly "limited edition release".

April 2004 - New split work: "The Nameless Wraith".
Out on Iron Pegazus, the first work featuring a drummer (Tormentor) since 1995. With JA handeling all other instruments and vocals shared with Célia, a new approach on the already known sound of the band. Recorded both in Portugal and Germany, it took some time to be released, but this split with URN from Finland will undoubtly became a land mark on the band's career.

May 2004 - "Remnants... Of A Past".
By the new German label Global Terror, a new 7"EP got released with old recordings featuring the classical line-up of 1993. Originally recorded as a pre-production for the debut album, some of the songs survived through time and with the interest of the label got released eleven years after. In heavy black vinyl and with the first 100 copies bringing a patch this is another cult release.

May 2004 - A new line-up..
Finally a full new line-up to attack the Underground. Together with J.A. on guitar and vocals, Aion joined on vocals, K on bass guitar and Gabriel on drums the band is ready to once again storm the stages.

October 2005 - "Hymns To Satan" on CD.
Originally released in September 2002, this is the "Hymns To Satan" 7"EP remastered and remixed with a bonus song; EXODUS' "Metal Command". This time the recording has been released as a split CD with the Spanish XERION.

July 2006 - …and a new line-up again…
Aion decides to leave due to lack of time. W joined immediately taking care of the vocal duty.

March 2007 - Line up changes.
Gabriel moves to another continent being replaced by VA on drums.

April 2007 - New album finally out.
Following a hiatus of four years, a new album is released. "Hexagram - Honor et Fidelitas" is unleashed showing a new band. The first and only recording done with the 2006 line up.

May 2007 - From the past, a new 3"CD.
A new format for the band, an old recording for the fans. With the classic line up from 1995 (JA, JM, VJ) this is a live recording with the first gig ever using the so much discussed drum machine...

June 2007 - New 7" EP.
Recorded back in 2004, when only JA was in the band, with the help of Mia (from the Swedish DRACENA) on vocals, two old songs were re-recorded for this EP, together with a new song.

September 2007 - Another split attack.
Announced for a long time, it finally saw the light of the Moon, the split CD with THUGNOR. Originally released as a 7"EP, this split CD includes longer versions of the songs recorded for the "Satanic Blast" blasphemy.