Riger - Biography



The band was founded in 1996 in which its demo debut "Die Belagerung" was released. In the following years, between '98 and in 2000, the band published the album "Der Wanderer" and "Hamingja." Also, albums were released in '02 and '04.

The music played on the first two albums was melodic metal, especially on "Hamingja" as the keyboards prevailed. After the keyboard player had left the band, the music was less melodic. Overall, the music got a strong Death Metal impact. In 2004 the album "Gjallar" sounded different than the previous albums as it is a Death Metal album.

In the following years, the band had problems with the lineup, 2006 Stefan and Peter departed the band due to professional reasons, and were replaced by Tom on drums and Christopher in the lead guitar. Through the intensive and time-consuming work on the new album, there was no live appearances by the band however, the wait was worth it.

With new band members, Riger have been in the Helion Studios in Munich from 1-9-August 2008 to record "Streyf."

The album stands out a little from the other releases, both lyrically and musically. Nevertheless, the consistent development of all other albums reflects the new without the style to not be far from the rest.
Source: http://www.myspace.com/rigerofficial