Ellipsis - Biography




ELLIPSIS achieved these first psychotic assaults during 1995, with three of four present members (bass, drums, vocals). After having achieved a first MCD " Water's Peacemaker" in 1995, they play multiple concerts in the whole of France in order to reinforce their scenic experience. "Immortal Pleasure" will be the musical continuation more affirmed of the band, with a four titles CD that came closer musically from FAITH NO MORE, DREAM THEATER and WALTARI. After a change of musicians beginning 1998, ELLIPSIS records in March 1999 " Build the Nation ", a CD promotional four titles that gives place to a metal tinted of multiple influences that go from DREAM THEATER in MR BUNGLE while passing by Devin TOWNSEND and FEAR FACTORY.
After laudatory critiques in the French press (HARD FORCE MAG, HARMONY MAG, NOISY MAG, ROCK TIME MAG) or in the English press in the magazine (KERRANG: elected MCD of the week) ELLIPSIS presents an album-concept "Comastory" with an ARTWORK of artist Karine METGE recorded in 32 numeric tracks that will finally give all the wanted span has this out-norm group and ambitious for a tortured musical universe and original. Impressed by the quality of the band, Adipocere propose a deal to the band and decided to release this album. The band was on the french tour with OPETH (2003). "From Beyond Thematics" the new album produced by Terje Refsnes (Tristania, Theatre Of Tragedy, Nightmare, Morgul, Sirenia…) is available in april 2004. Powerfull, original et psychotic…

Welcome In the World Of From Beyond Thematics !!!