Flowing Tears - Biography




Founded in 1995 as Flowing Tears & Withered Flowers, the south Germany based band soon signed a record deal with the Italian label "Seven Art Music", who released the band's first two albums, "Swansongs" (1996), and "Joy parade" (1998). Constantly playing numerous live shows and steadily gathering a growing number of dedicated die hard supporters, Flowing Tears were ready to take the band to a higher level, when they signed a record deal with Century Media records in 1999, soon followed by their label debut "Jade", which was produced by Waldemar Sorychta (Tiamat, The Gathering, Samael, Moonspell).

Followed by intense touring, first supporting My Dying Bride and The Gathering, then playing a lengthy European tour supporting Samael , as well as a large number of festival appearances, Flowing Tearsmade themselves heard all over Europe, trademarking their sound with emotional, intense female vocals by singer Stefanie Duchene, and atmospheric, yet heavy rocking and guitar driven songs. In 2002 "Serpentine" was released, displaying the new impressions during their busy live performances the band had collected, and thus focused their songwriting while still finding enough place to experiment and exploring new ground for their vision of gothic metal. The release was followed by a European tour together with Tiamat and Moonspell. Crowned by numerous festival appearances such as Summer breeze festival or Wave Gotik treffen, 2002 was a busy and successfull year for Flowing Tears.

Due to the more and more busy schedule, singer Stefanie decided to leave to focus on her private life, and was replaced by Helen Vogt in spring 2003. Later that year the band and her new vocalist went to studio to record "Razorbliss", once again with Waldemar Sorychta as the producer, and once again at famous Woodhouse Studios. The album turned out to be Flowing Tears most heavy one to date, showing off the new found power and enthusiasm new singer Helen brought with her. "Razorbliss" was released in 2004, and the band spent the rest of that year promoting the album playing several tours, such as a semi acoustic tour with The Gathering, a tour with After Forever , as well as a lengthy European tour with Samael in fall. A large number of festival appearances as well as own headlining shows led them not only all over Europe, but also to some exotic places for a metal band, such as the Azores.

Ending a more than busy and successful year, the band decided to take a breath and take a break in 2005 to collect new inspiration. In 2007 they released a live album entitled "Invanity - live in Berlin" which was recorded on their 2004 semi acoustic tour at Passionskirche Berlin. Released by the band's new label, the UK based Ascendance Records, this album displays a different side of Flowing Tears, featuring the band's favorite songs from their discography, all re-arranged and performed without heavy guitars and rhythms, focusing on the emotional depth of the compositions.

In 2008 Flowing Tears released their latest album, "Thy Kingdom Gone," also on Ascendance Records.

In 2013 bands singer Helen Vogt posted that band goes on hiatus