Disembowelment - Biography



A renowned Melbourne, Victoria Grind-Doom act forged by erstwhile Bacteria personnel vocalist / guitarist Renato Gallina and drummer Paul Mazziotti. Bacteria had recorded a 1989 demo. As Disembowelment, the duo cut a demo billed 'Mourning September' with bass provided by Dean Ruprich of Necrotomy. Further demos, 1991's 'Deep Sensory Procession Into Aural Fate', had bass delivered by Acheron's Tim Aldridge.

Disembowelment secured a deal with the American Relapse label. The band, having enrolled bass player Matthew Skarajew, previously a member of Thrash Metal band Sanctum and guitarist Jason Kells, of Abramelin, would include an alternate take of the track 'Excoriate' on the MBR Records compilation 'Pantalgia'. As a side project both Paul Mazziotti and Renato Gallina operated a Napalm Death covers band billed as Scum.

Shortly after their one and only album, 1993's 'Transcendence Into The Peripheral', Disembowelment, having never performed live, broke up.

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