Enforcer - Biography




Enforcer hails from Sweden and is the brainchild of founder Olof "the Enforcer" Wikstrand. Enforcer took the underground metal world by storm with their debut four track demo in late 2005. The instantaneous buzz created by the band reached half way across the world to New York's Heavy Artillery Records who featured two tracks by Enforcer on the 2007 "Speed Kills... Again" sampler.

(source: http://www.myspace.com/heavyartillerymetal)

Enforcer has been the band it is known as today since the fall of 2006. But it started about a year earlier. Enforcer started as a one man band. Olof recorded some songs he had in mind for a couple of years and put it out on the internet. The interest seemed huge and soon he was offered to make a 7" single and a few gigs. Olof called on his good friend, Adam, and Olof's brother Jonas, to help him perform live. They continued as a full band since that time and after a few line-up changes Enforcer is the band they are today. Sometime in 2007 Enforcer were offered to make a full length album and spent the entire following winter to record it. The album is called "Into The Night" and was released in November 2008.

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