Stormwitch - Biography




Now considered to be something of a classic German Metal band, having influenced late 90s outfits like HAMMERFALL in their wake, vocalist Andreas Mück, guitarist Harold 'Lee Tarot' Spengler and Stefan 'Steve Merchant' Kauffmann first played together in 1979 as the band LEMON SYLVAN. Releasing a four track demo, 'The Cave Of Steenfall', in 1983 the group added drummer Peter Langer and bassist Thomas 'Ronny Pearson' Gleisburg in 1984 as the transition was made to STORMWITCH.

The group released their debut album, 'Walpurgis Night', through Scratch in 1984 and followed it up with the sophomore effort 'Tales Of Terror'. A third album, 'Stronger Than Heaven', arrived in 1986. In order to push 1988's 'The Beauty And The Beast' album STORMWITCH hit the road supporting RISK and RUNNING WILD before adding guitarist Wolfgang Schuldi to the ranks in 1989.

Andy Hunter replaced Ronny Gleisberg for '89's 'Eye Of The Storm' album before former ROUGH man Martin Albrecht took over on bass in 1990 and STORMWITCH played with BONFIRE in Czechoslovakia before a German tour with KROKUS.

In 1992 the group released the 'War Of The Wizards' album with two new guitarists; namely Damir Uzunovic and ex-LETTER X man Joe Gassmann, although only the former would play on the swansong 'Shogun' album in 1994. Another former guitarist, Robert Balci, would subsequently forge Power Metal band DEFENDING THE FAITH in January of 1998.

Although having split up in 1996, STORMWITCH, as mentioned, are still prominent due to the adulation afforded them by the all conquering Swedish trad metal revivalists HAMMERFALL. The Scandinavians regularly cover STORMWITCH tracks live and included their version of 'Ravenlord' as the B side to their 'Glory To The Brave' single. Indeed. Mück made a guest appearance with the band when they played at the 'Heavy Oder Was?' organized 'Bang Your Head II' festival in September 1997.

A STORMWITCH compilation album, 'Priest Of Evil', was due to be released through B.O. Records in 1998.

Spengler co-produced the 1998 BRAINSTORM album 'Unholy'. Erstwhile STORMWITCH men drummer Peter Langer and guitarist Damir Uzunovic would unite with former AGENT ORANGE bassist Matthias Mailänder, keyboard player Mathias Nagl and RITUAL SPIRIT lead vocalist Dirk Schaeffner to forge THE ARMADA.

STORMWITCH would be back in 2002, releasing a brand new studio album 'Dance Of The Witches' on the Silverdust label. The line up for this outing boasted a completely overhauled line up. Featured guitarists would be Martin Winkler of NIGHTWOLF and Fabian Schwarz from TYRAN PACE and RITUAL SPIRIT. The rest of the band comprised FALLEN 2 PIECES bass player Dominik Schwarz, TYRAN PACE keyboard player Alex Schmidt and drummer Marc Oppold, the latter having credits with SATAN'S CRYPT, TYRANT and DEATH IN ACTION. The group signed to Nuclear Blast Records in 2004 for a new album entitled 'Witchcraft'.

Reischmann's departure was announced in January 2011, with Stefan Köllner being brought in to replace him on drums. Since 2012 original Drummer Peter Langer brought in to replace Stefan Köllner. In April 2013 Guitarist Marc Scheunert left the band, with Volker Schmietow (Guitar, former Late Nite Romeo)being brought in to replace him. In 2014 Peter Langer has left the Band due to private reason. Michael Kasper (former Glenmore) replace him and has already played the Drums on the Album "Season of the witch"