Urgehal - Biography



Back in 1992 T. Nefas and Enzifer brought to life a bestial black metal warmachine and named it Urgehal. Now, over 15 years after it's unholy foundation the same warmachine claims new territory.

Urgehal celebrated their 15 years anniversary in 2007 with releasing an anniversary album entitled "The Eternal Eclipse - 15 years of Satanic Black Metal". Still proving there are True Norwegian Black Metal bands left from the early 90's.

2 Demo recordings and 6 albums made Urgehal to one of the most important underground acts ever! A band that never wanted to be recognized by the major audience and therefore never targeted their music towards any commercial paradigms of metal, but stayed true to their faith in the old underground mentality.
At this very moment Urgehal are preparing their new album and they will again prove their existence of demonstrative and pounding darkness. This is stripped down and for real. Await utter Norwegian Darkness.

Black Metal has not become a major movement as many may believe, what has become big is a new neo black metal movement with solely no roots in the real past and real values of the fundamental darkness, hate and misanthropy which black metal is built upon.

The real black metal is still underground, because it's too harsh and ugly to be swallowed by the big audience. And it will always stay that way.
A decade later there are few left, and who will stand the next?

(source: http://www.myspace.com/urgehal666)