Forest Silence - Biography




Forest Silence, Hungary's well-kept secret, was formed by keyboard player Winter in 1997 as a side project of Sear Bliss, a well-known Hungarian act. Forest Silence consists of former and current members of the aforementioned band. After releasing three unique demos (The Third Winter in 1997, Winter Circle in 1999 and Eternal Winter in 2001, finally the time has come for the first officially released Forest Silence full-length album through Appease Me.../Candlelight Records: Philosophy Of Winter, containing five outrageous songs; each of them is an individual journey to the very depths of wintry woods. Forest Silence's music can be described as sublime dark winter music. Unbelievable atmosphere and chaos, monstrous storm of sounds, chilling guitar tones and extremely unique and cold keyboard voices make Forest Silence a musical experience never heard before. Philosophy Of Winter is a slow, hypnotic and meditative musical journey.

Forest Silenced released Winter Ritual, in March 2010 on Panik Terror Musik. This piece of wintry darkness comes in a limited edition gatefold CD including two brand new winter spells in 20 minutes, as well as 2001's The Eternal Winter demo as a bonus.

The band plans to release their second demo, entitled Winter Circle, with bonus tracks later this year. A brand new Forest Silence album is in the making.

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